Business Planning/Accountability Coach/Database Development and Implementation/Technical Training

Building a successful business as a mortgage broker is no simple task.  It takes careful planning, disciplined execution and endurance to achieve noteworthy results. 

New brokers will need to be prepared to overcome the challenges of:

With a passion for identifying and coaching talent, I’ve dedicated the last 10 years to training and development of mortgage originators.  Having had the unique privilege of working with over 100 originators at various stages of their career and helping them achieve improved results, has been incredibly rewarding both professionally and personally.

I take great pride in the development of others and look forward to replicating success with each and every one of our agents.

Key development areas:

Give me a call and and lets discover if you’re a right fit for the Mortgage Scout team.


"Deren had an enormous impact on my business in a short period of time. My year over year results doubled in both years he was my manager. He knows how to lead, how to coach and how to get more out of you. I'd work for/with him without hesitation"
Justin Atherton
"It was my pleasure working for Deren for 4 years at TD Canada Trust. I had a number of years experience under my belt when Deren joined the team, he managed to contribute fresh ideas and strategies to help me grow my business. His positive energy is contagious and his business planning is strong and logical. Deren gets things done and inspires others to do the same."
Joanna Lang
"Deren is one of the best managers I have ever had. He has the unique ability to inspire and lead for phenomenal results while making sure we all have a great time doing what we do. Deren is kind and sensitive to the needs of everyone on his team. He has a personality that's larger than life. I definitely recommend Deren as a great manager."
Christina Li